Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spider-Man Costume

As my sewing skills are improving. It is opening up a whole new world of crafts. I am a huge fan of Halloween and have great childhood memories of costumes, trick or treating, and halloween parties. So now that I can sew, I decided to jump in and make costumes for the kids this year. Johnny wanted to be Spider-Man. I took to Pinterest to look for inspiration and found a tutorial from a blogger, shannonmakesstuff and also a great blog, dana-made-it, which had tutorials and patterns for standard t-shirts  and pants for kids.

This is not a full tutorial as I didn't take pictures step by step. I was much too into the excitement of creating and actual pair of pants! Not to mention a shirt with a collar and everything! Holy smokes I am totally a pant maker! I mostly followed the Spider-Man tutorial in conjunction with the pattern/tutorial by dana-made-it. She gave details on how to make a t-shirt collar, as well as some other structural details and pattern.

I am pretty proud of this. It was a lot of work, more than I anticipated, especially with all the hand drawn webbing, but it fit perfectly and moreover Johnny was so happy. He thought it was great! He is 4 years old now, an I figure there aren't too many years in his life where he'll want to wear home made stuff, so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Materials: red jersey fabric, blue jersey fabric, black and red felt for the spider, elastic, black puff paint

Here is a sample of the webbing on a scrap piece. I reccommend practicing first, before you take it to your nicely sewn shirt and pants. This takes patience and a steady hand, but i like the look of the puff paint much more than fabric marker. Here are a couple of tips: draw out the vertical lines one inch apart with a white fabric chalk before they are sewn together. I only did the vertical lines and not the scallops because that would've taken forever. Be sure to do the webbing in puff paint once the pants and shirt are assembled. You don't want to gunk up your sewing machine by sewing through puff paint. 

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