Monday, August 12, 2013

Tea for TWO! Mia's 2nd Tea Party Birthday

So my baby girl is now 2 and we celebrated her birthday this past weekend.

Despite having a big brother and the constant exposure to cars, trains and transformers, she loves the girlier things as well, especially a good tea party. I took my inspiration there for the theme of her party. I started with an illustration of her having a tea party with her besties (Horsie and Mr. Bananas) She never goes anywhere without her stuffed friends, then incorporated and mix of bright colors and  patterns.

Because of all the different colors used, this design really lent well to using a lot of party items and decor that were readily available. I took to target and found a set of colorful premade tissue poms and pink paper plates and napkins.

Ok, so, I have to include a little blurb about Mia's Dress. I made it! Yup that's right, I got a sewing machine and am learning to sew. This dress and diaper cover were m y first project and I was thrilled how they came out. Mia seemed pretty happy to put it on too. I am super grateful to one of my favorite sites, Pinterest, and to the bloggers who put up great, easy to follow tutorials. Here is the one for the dress and for the diaper cover.

Mia's Tea Party design can be found  on my Etsy shop. All graphics are easily customizable to look like your little one.

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